Portland’s Liberation Occupies Mayor’s House

Portland’s Liberation hosted an event on Saturday, July 20th, 2019, at Mayor Ted Wheeler’s lavish Mansion on the Hills.

Patriots spoke out to condemn recent violent attacks against peaceful citizens on the streets by Masked Members of the Domestic Terrorist organization infamously known as “Antifa.”

Journalist Andy Ngo was among their choice of Easy Victims on June 29th, 2019, during a downtown gathering that involving around a dozen Peaceful Patriot Protesters who were met with Hundreds, if not Thousands, of Rage-Induced Antifa Counter Protesters who were armed with Weapons and Cement-filled Milkshakes. They chose to attack people who they knew couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back.

Portland Citizens have finally had enough of this terror and now decided to go directly to the source of Antifa’s unaccounted free reign of plotted destruction against anyone they deem to be a Nazi or a Fascist.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler had an abundance of “No Trespassing” signs posted throughout his property. His neighbor followed suit.

Co-Founder of new activist collective, Portland’s Liberation, and Prospective Mayoral Candidate, Haley Adams, spoke openly with local media and event gatherers about some of the issues that face the city, such as the rise in Homeless, Drug Addicted, and Mentally Ill individuals, as well as, the Mayor’s refusal to say the word “Antifa.”

The event was met with no opposition from any of the neighbors; No counter protesters arrived to foil the message. Everyone who wanted to speak, had the ability to, whereas, all of their attempted efforts to be heard on the Mayors platform, within City Council Chambers, have fallen upon deaf ears.

The Mayors disgraceful acts have gone unaccounted up until this day, when Concerned Citizens and Portland’s Liberation showed up to his House Vowing to make Regular Returns until he is willing to either resign his positions as Mayor and Police Commissioner or help distinguish the fire within the City by Removing the Mask, Helping the Homeless, and letting the Police do their Jobs.


– Hosted by Haley AdamsAlyssa Bang, Reggie Axtell, Skylor Jernigan; Portland’s Liberation and members of Patriot Prayer.

Accompanied by local News Media (Oregonian, KATU), Independent Journalists, Concerned Citizens, and Cop Watchers, such as Kif Davis (Multnomah County CopWatch) and Chris Ponte (Oregon CopWatcher)

— Thanks for Watching

— Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

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