Crazed Gunman at Mayor’s House Plans to “Slaughter” Antifa

(Public Safety Alert)
Shane Michael Kohlfield

July 20th, 2019 | Portland’s Liberation Event: Occupy Ted’s House

Mentally ill patriot gave disturbing testimony of some of his actions regarding his enemy Antifa. He mentioned being present at the Haley Adams Him Too March on November 17th, 2018. He claims, however, that he had planted himself on the side of Counter Protesters to “Understand the Enemy.”

More disturbing than that was when he mentioned writing a congressman detailing, in a manifesto, how he would “Slaughter” Antifa; All while having a knife strapped to his left shoulder, Oregon Concealed Gun License strapped to his right, and a t-shirt that said “This Is My Killing Shirt”

Shane’s Facebook

Shane Michael Kohfield’s Manifesto to Dan Crenshaw

“I don’t hate them (Antifa), and I am not on an ego trip, but I am a Marine and Once a Marine Always a Marine and I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and what Antifa is doing is violently suppressing our constitutional rights as American citizens. By the power given to me by the Constitution of the United States of America I will end this insurgency against American Citizens if my government refuses to act. I am well within my rights to kill every single one of them since it is quite literally the only way, I can stop them if the government doesn’t act in the best interest of all its citizens. “

At that point the direction of the letter changed, and I laid out a detailed strategy of how I was going to “handle” Antifa if the government did nothing prevent them from murdering us, so I came up with what I call “The Final Solution”:


“You will handle Antifa or the veterans will, and veterans will hunt them like animals like they do to the citizens of the United States of America. If Antifa continues to commit acts of war against the citizens of the United States and the government doesn’t stop the attacks immediately then I will tell you exactly how the veterans are going to do this:

The veterans will join all the Antifa groups on Facebook and they won’t comment or say anything they will simply collect names of members of Antifa.

The veterans will make friends with people that work in the DMV’s and the veterans will give their friends in the DMV the list of names of all the Antifa members and use background check programs to gain access to all of Antifas home addresses.

When the veterans have the home addresses of all active members of Antifa the veterans will take overhead maps of the cities that Antifa live in and the veterans will divide the cities into grid squares. Each grid square will be assigned to at least one squad or individual veterans.

The squad leader will take the lists of names that are within his or hers assigned grid square, they will use an application on their phones such as Route4Me. Route4Me is an application used by delivery drivers. It allows you to input unlimited addresses in it and it uses GPS location to optimize the routes based off of the addresses inputted in order to most efficiently deliver packages.

When the veterans use Route4Me it is so they can find the most expedient route to systematically execute every member of Antifa. Since the veterans have no way to arrest the traitors logistically speaking because of how many of them there are, the veterans will have no choice but to go door to door killing every member of Antifa until we have achieved genocide.”

— Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

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