Ex Military has Detailed Plan to “Slaughter” Antifa

(Public Safety Alert)
Shane Michael Kohlfield

July 20th, 2019 | Portland’s Liberation Event: Occupy Ted’s House

Mentally ill patriot gave disturbing testimony of some of his actions regarding his enemy Antifa. He mentioned being present at the Haley Adams Him Too March on November 17th, 2018. He claims, however, that he had planted himself on the side of Counter Protesters to “Understand the Enemy.”

More disturbing than that was when he mentioned writing a congressman detailing, in a manifesto, how he would “Slaughter” Antifa; All while having a knife strapped to his left shoulder, Oregon Concealed Gun License strapped to his right, and a t-shirt that said “This Is My Killing Shirt”


Shane Michael Kohfield attended 2 events on the same day with Portland’s Liberation.

Shane Michael Kohfield Goes to a VA Mental Hospital

This was pulled from Shane’s Facebook page before he deleted it.

Maybe you noticed but maybe you didn’t but I have gone dark for the last 20 days. The reason for this was because I spent the last 20 days in 5C at the VA mental health facility. The journey to that facility started when I was in Prineville, Oregon when I was visiting family. During the visit to Prineville the police stopped at my house in Canby and they asked my dad if I was dangerous, my dad told them “I know he doesn’t want violence but if he decided to kill anyone I couldn’t stop him and either could anyone else.” This realization and the knowledge of the status message/poem I was working on to show how sharp my teeth actually were gave the police pause. I was told I wasn’t as scary as I thought I was so I wrote a poem about peace and violence for those lacking faith in my ideas. They set up this trap outside my families residence in Prineville tracking me via GPS with nothing less then 6 cop cars all of which had at least 2 officers or more so in total they sent between 12-16 law enforcement officers for the operation when they all moved against me. I would have done the same thing in their place, no hard feelings to the FBI, Police, Sheriffs and any other law enforcement agencies. I had no guns on me or even any guns in Prineville. My guns were all locked in safes in Canby in anticipation of being picked up by the police. I then offered all my guns from my safes to the police until after the rally to show good faith that I truly did not intend to attend the rally with a weapon. It turned out they had a protective order to take my guns from me but I didn’t know it when I offered to freely give my guns to them for a limited amount of time, after the rally. I was told that it was noted in the police report that I offered my guns before I knew I had too so I can prove that statement. I was willing to turn them over for a longer period of time then was required in good faith to show my nonviolent intentions towards Antifa and the Portland police at the rally.

They told me what my dad said about how dangerous I could be if I chose to be and they asked me if my dad was right that no one could stop me if I decided to kill someone. I told them my father was incorrect that there is only one person that could stop me from killing someone if I chose too and I said “Me” if I had a mind for violence. They didn’t understand so I reiterated that I could stop myself from using violence and that I had no intentions to use violence against Antifa unless they attacked me first but I truly hoped that Antifa didn’t try to harm me because I would rather hug Antifa like brothers and sisters then harm them or the conservatives.

The police treated me with absolute respect, compassion and professionalism. I allowed them to search my vehicle and my family said the police can search my room I was staying in at their house. I don’t know if they did, I wasn’t concerned. I wish there were more law enforcement officers like them in the United States. They were amazing to me and Kitty. They even ensured they didn’t point their guns at me or have them drawn because they thought keeping me calm was best approach with me and they even let me keep Kitty with me for the 3.5 hour drive to the VA to keep me calm. I was calm. Once I got to the VA, the police kept Kitty and they walked and watered her as I was processed into the system through the Emergency Room. They didn’t have her leash so they used crime scene tape to take care of my little girl and walk her at the VA.

I’m willing to releases all my medical records to anyone as well as documents including reports arising from the police which will all verify what I’m saying is true. Since little boys talk the talk but don’t walk the walk I will make all records pertaining to the last 20 days available to you if it puts your mind at ease, if someone cares to see them I will send you a link to them when I post them myself.

They are badges of honor that I put my country above my own selfish desires to live a normal meaningful life. I had no desire to be scary. I knew what I was potentially giving up to prevent both sides from killing each other or at least attempt to.

The treatment of me by the Portland Veterans hospital staff in the E.R. and 5C (Mental Hospital) was amazing. They held themselves to the highest standards of care and compassion. I will miss every member of the staff especially in 5C, the E.R. was great but the cafeteria should honestly be investigated. I had a great time and I made a lot of friends in the veterans community. I admired the staff because they put up with the majority of my eccentric behavior and didn’t try to change me as a person, they mostly thought I was funny. I was a model patient other than freely sharing my snacks that were bought for me and I treated my snacks like they were my own personal Black Market goods.

If you know me then this shouldn’t surprise you but I got reprimanded 2-3 times a day on average but for those of you that have worked with me you know that’s that’s the low side of normal for me. My favorite reprimand was when they told me they had nothing to stir my coffee with so I chewed off the bristles on my comb to make a stir stick and they thought that it might have been a shank, at least at first. At this point they were used to me pushing every single rule they had so when I told them I made it to stir my coffee with, they believed me.

I also asked my nurse if I could keep a comb if it had a broken bristle and when she told me “No and asked me what I did this time?” I gave her my stir stick immediately because it’s better to ask for forgiveness then permission when you are in a mental hospital. My coffee was stirred so whatevs 🤪🤪🤪 Whenever someone walked into the unit that I didn’t recognize, I pretended to chase imaginary butterflies as a funny show of crazy cause I mean why not? It entertained me and anyone that was watching.

I may have seamed unhinged recently but I realized a while back that if everyone was more afraid of me than each other it would ensure none of you could kill each other at the rally. I never for even a second wanted to use violence against anyone because I love liberals and I love conservatives and it breaks my heart that you all would rather kill each than get along. I never chose a side in your conflict and I’m still not now but if you won’t help me try to make the world a better place then keep fighting but I want no place in either sides violence. If either side wanted to be nice to each other, I’d attend that rally because I’m ready to move on, you should too.

I’m glad everyone got to know me better, hopefully the next “art collaboration” I do with you doesn’t involve me having to manipulate your mass-psychosis you all have and I hope to collaborate with you all again.

I call this artist collaboration with Antifa and Conservatives:

“Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

For this collaboration I played the role of the Boogieman but I was otherwise occupied so I didn’t even have to attend the rally to play the role.

I call the poem that I was writing and was going to be posted on my social media accounts that resulted in 12-16 law enforcement officers descending on me with no less than 6 police cruisers “The Poetry of Violence”, it was like the Bonnie and Clyde sting operation, my poem got me committed for the last 20 days in a mental institution. It was just a poem to post on social media because I was told I over played my scary card. I didn’t. Ultimately everything I said was protected speech. That’s why I wasn’t on the news, being a veteran helped too, it’s what separates me from the people with guns getting in trouble on the news and me because I have no desire for violence and every word and actions lead to my desired outcome without anyone dying.

What did I accomplish?

None of you killed each other at the rally. It wasn’t all me of course but if they sent 12-16 cops just to apprehend me how many cops do you think attended the rally because of me to keep you from killing each other? The police didn’t know that I wasn’t attending the rally because the VA won’t even tell them if I am still a patient or if I was discharged. When I went to rally in November 17th 2018 there were only a couple hundred cops but at the most recent rally nearly all of the Portland police 1,000 strong worked the day of your rally August 17th. How much are a few of your life’s worth? I payed for them by having my Constitutional rights suspended temporarily but potentially permanently (had to watch the dice role on this one but I bet on me) and 20 days in a mental ward for doing nothing other than writing a poem where I talk about my strong desire for peaceful conflict resolution and I shared my ideas about the nature of violence. You think I’m probably insane but I believe the sanity of my ideas are more powerful than either sides lack of sanity and ignorance of who and what I am. You guys keep fighting but the police will stop my “step children” from killing each other with or without me at the Portland rallies. It’s time I move on to other ideas where I no longer am forced to think violently, thank God because I don’t want to be the person many think I am, it’s not who I am, it’s not all of who I am I should say. I will no longer be playing the role of an unhinged Sergeant who is an 0331/0933 and is a United States Marine, meaning no more “unhinged” Facebook rants, just peace and love and puppies and kittens. I want to think about music, paintings and sewing and possibly singing if someone would teach me to give my mind some rest.


Shane’s Facebook

Shane Michael Kohfield’s Manifesto to Dan Crenshaw

“I don’t hate them (Antifa), and I am not on an ego trip, but I am a Marine and Once a Marine Always a Marine and I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and what Antifa is doing is violently suppressing our constitutional rights as American citizens. By the power given to me by the Constitution of the United States of America I will end this insurgency against American Citizens if my government refuses to act. I am well within my rights to kill every single one of them since it is quite literally the only way, I can stop them if the government doesn’t act in the best interest of all its citizens. “

At that point the direction of the letter changed, and I laid out a detailed strategy of how I was going to “handle” Antifa if the government did nothing prevent them from murdering us, so I came up with what I call “The Final Solution”:


“You will handle Antifa or the veterans will, and veterans will hunt them like animals like they do to the citizens of the United States of America. If Antifa continues to commit acts of war against the citizens of the United States and the government doesn’t stop the attacks immediately then I will tell you exactly how the veterans are going to do this:

The veterans will join all the Antifa groups on Facebook and they won’t comment or say anything they will simply collect names of members of Antifa.

The veterans will make friends with people that work in the DMV’s and the veterans will give their friends in the DMV the list of names of all the Antifa members and use background check programs to gain access to all of Antifas home addresses.

When the veterans have the home addresses of all active members of Antifa the veterans will take overhead maps of the cities that Antifa live in and the veterans will divide the cities into grid squares. Each grid square will be assigned to at least one squad or individual veterans.

The squad leader will take the lists of names that are within his or hers assigned grid square, they will use an application on their phones such as Route4Me. Route4Me is an application used by delivery drivers. It allows you to input unlimited addresses in it and it uses GPS location to optimize the routes based off of the addresses inputted in order to most efficiently deliver packages.

When the veterans use Route4Me it is so they can find the most expedient route to systematically execute every member of Antifa. Since the veterans have no way to arrest the traitors logistically speaking because of how many of them there are, the veterans will have no choice but to go door to door killing every member of Antifa until we have achieved genocide.”

Did Dan Crenshaw start supporting Red Flag laws before of after Shane wrote his manifesto to him?

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