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Ted Wheeler: Pedophile Mayor?

Portland’s Liberation Calls Out Mayor Ted Wheeler for his Collaborations with Known PEDOPHILES.

Haley Adams and Reggie Axtell both spoke against Mayor Ted Wheeler, on his own front lawn, calling him out for his associations with known pedophiles, such as Micah Rhodes and Terry Bean.

FACT: Terry Bean has given financial contributions to 3 of the 5 Portland Commissioners, which they have not returned; #DarkMoney

Bean is Currently being investigated for Sex Crimes against a minor. #JefferyEpstien


“In a New Lawsuit, a Second Alleged Juvenile Victim Claims Terry Bean Had Sex With Him”


FACT: Micah Rhodes is Currently in prison because he was Too Close to Children during 2018 Occupy ICE PDX. #Antifa

That was a violation of his probation. Rhodes had been a registered sex offender for raping a minor.

This was already known among the group of ICE protesters, at the time, including Luis Marquez, who was one of the organizers of Occupy ICE PDX.

Luis Marquez is widely speculated to be running an Antifa Pedophile Ring in his Basement and has been compared to Charles Manson as the next evil cult leader of our generation.


“Portland protest leader Micah Rhodes avoids prison for sex abuse”


Thanks for Watching

— Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

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  1. Minority reporter

    Keep it rolling your better then Andy ngo your actually out their a lot more and starting this optics media opens it up for you👍be smart out there

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