Homeless Woman Raped in Doorway at Knifepoint

NW 13th and Glisan (Downtown Portland)

Police say they responded to a call at around 4:30 am on July 26th, 2019, that two women were attacked by a man, with a knife, who was wearing a black hoodie and khaki pants with long hair in a ponytail.

One woman, asleep in a doorway, was raped at knifepoint. She was sent to the hospital with minor physical injuries. It is yet to be known about her current mental state.

The vile perpetrator was not captured. He fled north, getting away from the scene of the crime. Police were scoping the area for cameras.

Sex assault detectives are investigating the case asking anyone with information or video related to this case to contact Detective Ross Dormady at 503-823-0880 or

Fox 12 News was on the scene to interview neighbors. However, they did not report the news accurately. The fact that this woman was Homeless and sleeping in a doorway had been omitted from their Full Story. They, instead, referred to her as a “Stranger.”

This attack occured in an area where expensive condominiums are being built while million dollar boulders are being used to detour the Homeless along the I-405.


An inconvenient truth is that Homeless People don’t get the same protections as their Housed Neighbors in Portland. They are quite often seen as Less Than Human in the eyes of the Media and also a majority of Citizens.

The OPTICS Need to Change

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