LGBT Patriots Protest in front of Portland Mayor’s House

Speak out against PRO-Fascism!

Portland’s Liberation came back, a second Saturday in a row, to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house on July 27th, 2019.

Alyssa Bang and Drakken Saer headed up the event in support of the trans community. Haley Adams was also there to show support, despite having to leave early for a family emergency.

(00:55) Drakken was interviewed by standoffish PSU Vanguard reporter, Gregory Retts, who decided to walk on the other side of the road, while protesters were making their way towards Ted Wheeler’s House.

(07:46) Haley Adams read a brief history on her influence in Portland, over the years; how she has been standing up for the 1st and 2nd Amendments and fighting for Liberation against the Communist Siege of Portland by the terrorist organization known as Antifa. She also spoke out about empowering the LGBT community and how Mayor Ted Wheeler has a personal bias against right leaning people in that community, denying their basic rights to liberty and justice.

People from all different backgrounds and walks of life came out to show their support for this event, including a bisexual hispanic man and former homeless man wearing pink pajamas.

The event was another Huge Success as Antifa did not show up to cause trouble and the neighbors did not come out to complain. No laws were broken, which is to be expected from a regular gathering of patriotic American-loving citizens.

— Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

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