Alt-Left Grifters Seek Funds for August 17th “Spectacle”


Desperate fringe Group, PopMob PDX, from Antifa was responsible for Milkshaking Several Protesters, Journalist, and Bystanders at the June 29th Protest in Downtown Portland.

This time, however, they seem to have run all out of funding for their operation of evil and have once again resorted to Online and Flyer Based Grifting to contribute to their “Vegan Milkshakes” saying on their website, “If you have a few bucks to spare and would like to help us build a mass movement against bigotry and fascism, consider making a donation. Every dollar counts!

They stapled large flyers all around a NW neighborhood by downtown’s Fred Meyer grocery store.

WARNING: Don’t Contribute to this Unwanted Spectacle. They have caused enough damage in the City of Portland.

Instead, perhaps, consider contributing to a Hard Working Independent Journalists in Portland, like Brandon Farley.

Block Them Before They Block You

If you see PopMob flyers anywhere around town, RIP THEM OFF!

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