Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Sex Offenders | Community Member Expresses Concerns

On Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, community member, Chuck Crockett sat down to talk to Mayor Ted Wheeler about his open associations with known sex offenders, such as Matt Hennessee.

Commissioner Nick Fish got up and left the City Council Chambers, right before Crockett spoke, and then sat back down, right at the end of his 2 minutes.

Commissioner Chloe Eudaly let out a Long Sigh after Crockett had mentioned the city’s lack of response and aid to the African American community in Portland. She kept her head down, for the most part, occasionally looking up and getting distracted by the sounds of construction on the building, but overall, appearing overtly disinterested, the entire time he was speaking.

At the end, none of the commissioners responded to any of his public testimony, aside from a “Thank you, next” given by the Mayor.

YouTube Interview with Chuck Crockett on Oregon Voter Digest | Community issues at core of Multnomah County Commission election – May 6, 2018

Child Rapist Matt Hennessee

On June 12th, 2019, Portland Police Bureau held a meeting with Pastor Matt Hennessee at the Doubletree Hotel with a Barbeque outside at Holliday Park. He was there to present his “Public Safety Plan.”

Hennessee is known to have raped his underaged family member, from when she was a preteen, to right before she would have turned of legal age, had she not told the truth to her school’s counselor, for fear of escalation.

Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee Raped Child Family Member

This is known, yet, Hennessee has been given a role to serve in the community, alongside the Police Department, to reach out, personally, to disaffected youth.

3 comments on “Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Sex Offenders | Community Member Expresses Concerns

  1. {Public Safety Alert} Don’t let your children around SuperPredator, Pastor Matt Hennessee.




  3. Subject: Portland Pervert Terry Bean and the Wikipedia page of that name, ‘Terry Bean’


    This is very important!

    Terry Bean, he’s the Portland Oregon pervert who was charged in 2015 with raping a 15 years old. The charges were dropped when the victim refused to testify, but it now appears that the victim was supposed to be paid about $220,000 to shut up and go away. He did, so the charges were dropped. The judge explicitly DISAPPROVED of Bean’s offer to pay $220,000, years ago.

    But, recent news is that the victim’s lawyer, Lori Deveny, absconded with maybe 98% of the payment from Terry Bean, intended by the victim. She has since been charged with crimes, including many other than this one. And, Bean was re-indicted in mid-January 2019, because it appears that in doing so, Bean bribed the victim to not testify in the case, but concealed that fact from the public.

    Wikipedia article:

    Wikipedia is often a good source of information, especially on non-controversial subjects. But sometimes, biased and interested people take control of an article, blocking others from editing it, and ganging up on people who want to add accurate information and remove lies. In THIS case, in the Wikipedia article ‘Terry Bean’ his supporters have done just that.

    For a few years, really since Bean’s 2015 indictment, they have acted quietly and secretly to prevent hardly any embarrassing-to-Bean information from being posted there. Those very few who want to write the truth about Terry Bean are obstructed. The full history of edits is present at Wikipedia, article ‘Terry Bean’.

    The article ‘Terry Bean’ appears to now be blocked from editing from all but a few of his sympathizers. Some edit blocks do that; others prohibit editing by people who have not yet made a sufficient number of “main-space” (edits to the main Wikipedia encyclopedia) edits. The goal of these current blocks is clearly to keep other people from including material in the article that would embarrass Bean, and tell the story about who he really is. I am confident that if a sufficient number of people who want to edit the article complain, possibly to the Administrator’s Noticeboard, they will have to open up the article to everybody’s edits.

    It is very important that people who believe that Bean’s actions were outrageous and illegal to act to ensure that the Wikipedia article that is titled ‘Terry Bean’ be opened up to allow people who want to edit it, and that his supporters are no longer allowed to keep information embarrassing to him from its content. To do that, it is necessary that ENOUGH people act to force the issue. Perhaps 4-8 people, maybe more. With that number of people, the current crop of obstructors won’t have a chance.

    If your people look at the ‘Talk’ page of the article ‘Terry Bean, you will see a fairly long list of recent articles whose content could be added to the main article. Potentially, there is much more that could be Google-searched by doing: google ‘ “terry bean” “oregon” ‘ .

    Your people’s help is very important and very needed! Let’s not let Terry Bean’s pervert friends mislead the world about who Terry Bean actually is.


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