August 17th | Setting Up for Dueling Protests

Portland Police outside Multnomah Justice Center

On August 17th, 2019 several unpermitted rallies, on two opposing sides, were set to take place in downtown Portland.

Starting Line

Demonstrations, on both sides, began at the waterfront.

Concrete barricades were put into place. Members of the Portland Police Bureau stood and watched while others surveyed the area. PPB Liaisons were also there to interact with event attendees and organizers.

Music played on a speaker in the background as attendees were making their way to Salmon Springs Fountain.

Defacement of Public Property

Anarchist symbolism, a form of Mental Gymnastics, was seen plastered along the waterfront; some of it was expressing an anti-cop point of view.

Graffiti Vandalism (ACAB | All Cops Are Bastards)

Patriots Are Coming

Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys were leading a large pack of Patriots on the other side of the river as police were gearing up for the next encounter.

Lost Lefties

Left Wing activist poured in, some groups getting lost along the way.

Geese and Police

Geese were grazing. Police surveying the area.

Patriots on the west side were eager to spread their message, peacefully, while they waited for the others to cross the bridge.

Treason has a PRICE | COLUSION (misspelled) DELUSION IS Just “THAT”

Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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