August 17th | Counter Protest

“Go Home Nazis!”

Looney left wing so-called “activists” caused a mild disruption among the peaceful patriots when Portland’s Liberation made their glorious reveal.

Haley Adams, the co-founder of Portland’s Liberation, is currently running for Portland mayor in 2020. She’s leading in the polls against Ted Wheeler, Teressa Raiford and Sarah Iannarone.

Arun Gupta | Fake News

Fake News Provocateur, Arun Gupta, was seen stalking around, like a Vulture.

Gupta, whose only known accomplishment was simply having a career as a mediocre chef, is now deciding, at this juncture in his life, to cross over into the realm of Fake News citizen journalism.

Sparking Healthy Debate

Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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