Crossing The Bridge

After a mid-bridge halt, which lasted several minutes, police finally gave the go-ahead for patriots to move forward.

Onward, Patriots!

Patriots from all walks of life came out to celebrate freedom, liberty, and all American values. Journalist, streamers, and concerned citizens were among them. Being in the center of the crowd, no one appeared to be angry or bitter. They were happy to be there and thankful to the police who were there to ensure everyone’s safety.

Police Doing Their Jobs

Police officers made sure that there was adequate space between the terror group who is prone to violence, known as Antifa, and the peaceful loving patriotic protesters who obey the law.

Merging of the Patriots

They were met with welcome arms and even a live solo musical performance by Veteran Gregory Isaacson.

However, it wasn’t all love and embrace; tensions were met with hostility at the gate as an arm-locked group of counter protesters chanted, repeatedly, “Go Home Nazis” while holding a poster that read “WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM”

Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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