Patriots Walk with Flags through Downtown Portland

Members of Patriot Prayer and Portland’s Liberation came downtown Saturday afternoon on August 24th, 2019.

This was after Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that nobody from their affiliation was welcome.

To spread the message of Non-Hate and Bringing People Together, Joey Gibson and Haley Adams led the American flag waving march from Pioneer Courthouse Square to City Hall and back.

Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

Haley Adams |Love and Unity

We need “Unity, Dialogue, and Love.”

“We’re never going to Bend a Knee for Domestic Terrorists because This Is Our Country and This Is Our Home.”

Haley Adams

Street Roots Vendor

A man who was selling Street Roots “an insider’s look at what’s going on in Portland” walked up and sold a paper, on the spot.

Patriots are well known to be sympathetic towards people in disparaging situations who happen to be down on their luck;

This is opposite of their Antifa adversaries who have been known to exploit homeless people with mental illnesses, using them as tools or weapons against their enemies.

Interaction with a Homeless Guy

Patriots paused for a moment to recognize a man who was presumably homeless, writing on a cardboard box.

He professed great admiration for this nation; reacting positively to the presence of these American flag holding patriots.

“It’s a great nation” “Founded on foreigners and people from Europe”

“We don’t waste our food here ’cause there’s hungry people in Africa”

– Homeless Guy

City Hall

Joey Gibson Prays for Portland

Police Assistance

Antifa Agitator | Ignore Tracy

Joey Gibson Recognized by Supporter

Encounter with a Flower Lady

There was one onlooker who didn’t look particularly happy to see the group of patriots; this was a heavyset woman working at Pioneer Square’s Spellbound Flowers.

“I love selling my flowers, there’s so much ugliness on these streets”

– Flower Lady

“Like Patriot Prayer?”

Haley Adams (Mayoral Candidate)

“Is Someone Talking?”

– Flower Lady

Acting in a highly unprofessional manner, she decided to ignore their existence, entirely, and quickly rushed off the to the back of the tent.

Exiting Downtown

After enjoying some of the fine amenities that downtown has to offer, when patriots were ready to leave, they rode the TriMet Max Yellow line.

It appears that there was a skateboarding Antifa member who had just barely missed them by mere seconds…

Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll get ’em next time. Keep that pepper spray handy; tucked away in your parent’s basement.

No Antifa Violence happens during Peaceful Patriot Events.

6 comments on “Patriots Walk with Flags through Downtown Portland

  1. Kimberly Lowe

    More are for you patriot prayer, than are against you by far, keep up the great work and the freedom message you carry! It will spread to more cities i believe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debra M Braz

    Good job! More “peaceful” displays and marches like this are greatly needed.


  3. Well said.


  4. David martinez

    Dont give a shit if its published or not, this is a free country and it’s about time thugs know that they do not rule the streets. In fact please come to northern New Mexico Antifa phucks. Try your antics here.


  5. clashgany

    Love what you do, and how you do it. Big fan in London GB


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