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Spartan and Daughter Swarmed by Antifa | Aug. 17th

Antifa Riot

Patriot “Based Spartan” John Turano and his daughter, Bianca, were attacked on August 17th, 2019, by a swarm of angry violent antifa protesters.

A riot was not officially declared, but that’s exactly what it was, according to ORS 166.015.

Water Assault

Many attacks were deflected by the shield, however, a few could not be, as some assaults included water being splashed by multiple people from all sides.


Antifa’s newest mascot “Beta Cuck 4Lyfe” ran up from behind Spartan and pushed him with as much power as the Cuck could muster.

It still wasn’t enough to bring him to the ground.

Finding an Opening

Spartan’s main focus was getting his daughter to safety before she could face any further trauma from this mob of thugs.

Their immediate objective was to make it onto the ramp and cross over from the Morrison bridge, on foot, without getting killed in the process.

Antifa Mob

Over 100 Antifa protesters followed behind them, hurling threats and insults.

“Clown Ass Muh’Fucka!”

– Blue Swagger

Police Intervention

Right before it could escalate even more, a full-size SUV pulled up, just in time; Portland Police were there to diffuse the situation.

Safe Exit

With the riot police coming into effect, Antifa was cut off from the two right wing protesters as they were then free to cross the bridge, peacefully, and wave the Trump flag without the threat of Antifa violence.

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Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

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