Peaceful Prayer March

Peaceful Prayer March | Downtown Portland, Oregon |
Pioneer Courthouse Square | September 15th, 2019

The Lone Wolf

Lone Antagonizer takes Pepsi to the Face by Antifa Child; Guy Responds with a Full Fledged Assault.

He then proceeds to chase after him and even attempted to throw the Antifa Child down a flight of stairs.

He stopped short of the moment, perhaps, realizing he might be going too far.

Joey Gibson Denounces Rogue Violence at Peaceful Prayer March

Joey immediately condemned this act of violence from the lone aggressor.

“You’re not with us if you’re going to fight.”

– Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer)

The Solution to Homelessness

Pacifism Handbook includes the solution to homelessness, according to one Antifa Counter Protester. What is that solution, you might be wondering?


Satanic Portland

Atheist Branded Antifa Subsect “Satanic Portland” Performed an UnBaptism Ceremony as they mocked and ridiculed the Christian religion.

“Jesus didn’t do shit to stop what happened to me”

Satan Worshiper

“Many Christians have been subjected to baptism as a child, before the age of consent”

“The work of Satanism is carried out, today, as we give voice to the voiceless”

Native American Ex-Soldier

“This Nation is in Distress” and “End White Terrorism” were two of the sentiments expressed by Native American Ex-Soldier counter protester at the Peaceful Prayer March.

She accused Joey Gibson of being a White Supremacist. 

“We’re the Same Color”

Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer)

Videographer Inadvertently Fires Antifa Member

“Fuck You, Brandon Farley”

– Richard

You can help support the work of Brandon Farley on PayPal. Thanks for tuning in to Optics Media, Portland’s Alternative News Source on the Rise.

Peaceful Prayer March (Photo Gallery)

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