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BUSTED: Child Sex Predator Lives with 1st 14yo Victim

Jimmy Gimme Bud Tried Meeting 14 YO Boy on Sex App

Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors #PAPI

Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors Donnie Lee Smith, Robert West, Chris Ponte, Ruthless CopWatcher, and Brandon Farley Intercepted a Pedophile in the early morning of December 28th, 2019. (Using a Dating/Sex App with a Decoy appropriately named Hunter)

James Lured Homeless Child in Downtown Portland
(his current roommate)

Beaverton Pedophile started Grooming a 14 year old when he was 31 years of age. (Possibly Earlier) At 49, he still lives with that same Street Kid he met in Downtown Portland all those years ago. They stay at the Pomeroy Place Apartments.

Chris Ponte (left)

Now, James wants to Relive his Perverted Past by Abducting a 14 year old Child in the middle of the night. But, to His Dismay, he was met with Portland’s Leading Pedophile Busters, all wielding Video Cameras; one had Pepper Spray, as well.

Sex Crimes Unit

Beaverton Sheriff, along with a Decoy Detective from the Sex Crimes Unit, arrived onto the scene in the Big Lots parking lot. The Pedophile was Detained to the curb and Publicly Shamed as my Flyers made it around the neighborhood, thanks to the friendly staff with a Printer at the Chevron across the street.

UPDATE (When PAPI left the scene Lee received a call in the car): After the Decoy Detective Reviewed the Chat Logs, he determined that there was Sexual Motive linked to an Eggplant Emoji.

It appears that James is going to be prosecuted in a court of law; Also might lose his apartment, face prison time, and have to register as a LifeLong Sex Offender.

Twitter | @OpticsDotMedia

PAPI Chat Logs

(Profile says Max Power 22 Male, Beaverton OR) [He’s 49]

(Dec 27 * 11:16 PM)
James (Pedophile): Hi Lil! My name is Jim.
How are you tonight?

Hunter (Decoy): Bored hbu?
Are you in Portland?

James: Yes Aloha
Off 185th and TV hwy
I keep chatting thinking people are in Beaverton lmao
App is different that way

Hunter: You into younger guys?

James: Yes I am y
My phone is needing a reboot brb

Hunter: I like older guys
I’m still in hs

James: Cool
Think you can come over after school?
You go to Aloha
Would like a young Boyfriend
You seem really nice lol

Hunter: You okay with 14?
I’m turning 15 soonish

James: Okay

Hunter: I’m not doing anything this weekend

James: Okay you close by 185th and Canyon?

Hunter: I’m near dt

James: I would like to meet you

Hunter: You drive?

James: My Radiator is leaving really bad so not right now
I am talking to someone about it tomorrow lol

Hunter: Okay my friend does

James: Cool
2 of you? Your boyfriend?

Hunter: No he’s just my friend

James: It just a friend who gets it lol
Come Over Anytime you want to then! Secured apartment building

Hunter: I might hangout with him tonight if I can convince him to come out

James: So you have to message me or call me to get in

Hunter: Okay I can do that

James: Could you stay the night snuggled up with me? I have a really nice bed and 7 pillows lol

Hunter: I’m not sure depends I would have to have like an excuse or something
I’m Hunter

James: Cool!
We’re frenching already lmao

Hunter: Lol

(11:40 PM)
Hunter: Hey, it’s hunter

James: Hey! Glad you texted me

Hunter: 😁

James: Okay got you saved in my contacts lol

Hunter: Same

James: πŸ‘

Hunter: If I can go out tonight do you wanna hangout?

James: Can’t to meet you and kiss you and hold you in my arms!

Hunter: Okay 😜

James: (James Pic 1 | Face Pic)
I face planted a couple weeks ago lmao

Hunter: Oh no!

James: I stood up. Thought I only had 1 beer forgot the neighbor had just given me 4 shots of vodka lmao

Hunter: (Hunter Pic 1 | Upper Body Mirror)
(Hunter Pic 2 | Upper Body Mirror No Shirt)
I’ve never drank
I smoke weed tho

James: Cool me too!

Hunter: You have any?

James: Maybe lol
(James Pic 2 | Weed Plant)
Always lol


James: I’m Jimmy Gimme Bud lol

Hunter: 🀣🀣🀣

James: (James Pic 3 | Weed Plant)
Nickname from after Highschool lol

Hunter: Nice lol maybe I’ll get one after hs πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€£

James: My snapchat name and Skype too lol
I’m going to give you our own nicknames lol

Hunter: Oh yeah?

James: Can’t wait for our first date!

Hunter: I gotta call my friend and see if he wants to go out what’s the address so I can see how far?

James: What time you think you can get here?

Hunter: He can get to me in like 20 mins if he wants
Idk how long from here to you

James: 18670 SE Blanton St.. Beaverton, Or 97078 Unit #301

Hunter: Ok let me nap it and call him he’s probably down if there’s weed involved


Hunter: He’s 17 but obviously can’t buy any

James: I can kick a bud. I only have a few grams I got from the store tonight

Hunter: Imma call him him and see if he’s down

James: Okay cool! If not maybe I can come dt and we can kick it together?
I think I want to Date You
Lol probably crazy
Guess we will figure it out lol

Hunter: He said he can come but it will be 40 mins he’s at his friends
So I can be there in like an hour and 30 mins tops

James: No problem I can wait for You!

Hunter: Okay ❀️

James: (James Pic 4 | Cartoon Duck GIF Heart Pounding)
What do you do for fun after school?
You at home right now?

Hunter: Yeah I’m at home
I used to play baseball now I smoke and skate with my friends

James: Okay lol. You like underwear?

Hunter: Wdym?

James: Then I got high then I got high
Actually tv is on but I couldn’t tell you what is on it lmao Been focused on texting with you

Hunter: Imma take a shower brb

James: Wanted to say hi on video lol
Going to shave and shower too
(James Video 1 | 27 sec)

Hunter: He’s like 15ish minutes from me

James: Okay cool
(James Pic 5 | Face Pic)
Thumbs up fail lol

Hunter: Lol

James: I keep going to ask questions. But I think we will have time to talk lol
In person

Hunter: Definately
I’m excited
But nervous lol

James: I prefer that

Hunter: Would you meet at the gate?
It would make me less nervous lol


Hunter: Lol no 🀫

James: No gate but there is a smoking gazebo out front at the parking lot enterance

Hunter: I’m not the popos I think they probably would of showed up when you sent your address lol

James: I will wait for you and meet you there

Hunter: Okay ❀️❀️

James: Ikr lol
The stages of meeting you online lol

Hunter: πŸ†πŸ‘

James: Can I πŸ‘

Hunter: Maybe 😜
Friends about to be here brb

James: Can I pick you up in my arms and kiss you when you get here?
Okay can’t wait!
So much I want to talk about. But you will likely leave me nervous and speechless lol
Can you call when you’re close to 185th and tv hwy please?
(James Pic 6 | “CALL ME” Meme}
When you’re close lol

Hunter: We about to take off
Yeah I can call lol

James: Awesome thank you! CAN’T WAIT!

Hunter: ❀️❀️❀️
We stopping to get food on the way

James: Okay
No problem

Hunter: What do you do for fun

James: 420

Hunter: Lol that it?

James: Been resting alot lately. I have 3 fractures in my back taking years to heal… I just have a hard time not doing something lol

Hunter: Ah that makes sense
Do you work?

James: Been wanting a Boyfriend to go do everything we can together

Hunter: 😜

James: I have been getting better over the past few months
Social security

Hunter: How old are you again

James: 49

Hunter: How much do you get? My mom got like 700

James: About the same

Hunter: Nice 😜

James: Lol
Sadly no more money until the first… Then hopefully getting a ounce for the next month lol
Maybe a bottle of whiskey to enjoy over the month lol

Hunter: Nice

James: Tobacco car payment rent electricity…etc….lol

Hunter: 😜😜

James: Can’t wait to cuddle up with you!

Hunter: I’ll call when I stop to get food

James: Kissing you gently all over!

Hunter: We are like 10ish mins away

James: Okay cool! My roommate is at the Chevron getting more beer lol

Hunter: Nice
What kind of beer

James: He will be upset seeing someone so young possibly. He was 14 when I met him lmao
36 now
Cheap 40’s

Hunter: Oh okay 🀫

James: I like the flavored beers like grape. Watermelon

Hunter: Same

James: But sadly broke till the first. Only 5 days to go lol
Awesome! Cool we like the same drink

Hunter: [[You called Jim | 1 min 46 sec]]

James: Pomeroy Place Apartments
18670 sw Blanton St.

Hunter: [[You called Jim | 40 sec]]

James: Then me lol
Got a nice bud for him too. In a container to go lol

Hunter: Nice

James: πŸ‘


Brandon Farley | Optics Media

Donnie Lee footage | Founder of PAPI

Chris Ponte footage | PDX Street News Network

Robert West footage

Ruthless Copwatcher footage

Pomeroy Place

Small Children’s Playground found on

For families and individuals – rent costs are based on income.
For leasing information, call (971) 238-4280 or email:

2017 ORS 167.057
Luring a minor

(1) A person commits the crime of luring a minor if the person furnishes to, or uses with, a minor, a police officer posing as a minor or an agent of a police officer posing as a minor, a visual representation or explicit verbal description or narrative account of sexual conduct for the purpose of inducing the minor or purported minor to engage in sexual conduct.

(2) A person is not liable to prosecution for violating subsection (1) of this section if the person furnishes or uses a representation, description or account of sexual conduct that forms merely an incidental part of an otherwise nonoffending whole and serves some purpose other than titillation.

(3) In a prosecution under subsection (1) of this section, it is an affirmative defense:

(a) That the representation, description or account was furnished or used for the purpose of psychological or medical treatment and was furnished by a treatment provider or by another person acting on behalf of the treatment provider;

(b) That the defendant had reasonable cause to believe that the person to whom the representation, description or account was furnished or with whom the representation, description or account was used was not a minor; or

(c) That the defendant was less than three years older than the minor or, in the case of a police officer or agent of a police officer posing as a minor, the age of the purported minor as reported to the defendant at the time of the alleged offense.

(4) Luring a minor is a Class C felony.

(5)(a) The court may designate luring a minor as a sex crime under ORS 163A.005 if the court determines that:

(A) The offender reasonably believed the minor or, in the case of a police officer or agent of a police officer posing as a minor, the purported minor to be more than five years younger than the offender or under 16 years of age; and

(B) Given the nature of the offense, the age of the minor or purported minor as reported to the defendant and the person’s criminal history, designation of the offense as a sex crime is necessary for the safety of the community.

(b) The court shall indicate the designation and the findings supporting the designation in the judgment.

(6) As used in this section, “police officer” has the meaning given that term in ORS 181A.355.

Chris Hansen Shoutout

Chris Hansen gives ShoutOut to PDXPAPI

This is Brandon Farley Reporting from Portland. A Special Thanks to All of Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors

I’ll provide more updates when they become available. In the meantime, please consider donating to Optics Media

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