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  • BUSTED: Child Sex Predator Lives with 1st 14yo Victim

    Jimmy Gimme Bud Tried Meeting 14 YO Boy on Sex App

    Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors #PAPI

    Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors Donnie Lee Smith, Robert West, Chris Ponte, Ruthless CopWatcher, and Brandon Farley Intercepted a Pedophile in the early morning of December 28th, 2019. (Using a Dating/Sex App with a Decoy appropriately named Hunter)

    James Lured Homeless Child in Downtown Portland
    (his current roommate)

    Beaverton Pedophile started Grooming a 14 year old when he was 31 years of age. (Possibly Earlier) At 49, he still lives with that same Street Kid he met in Downtown Portland all those years ago. They stay at the Pomeroy Place Apartments.

    Chris Ponte (left)

    Now, James wants to Relive his Perverted Past by Abducting a 14 year old Child in the middle of the night. But, to His Dismay, he was met with Portland’s Leading Pedophile Busters, all wielding Video Cameras; one had Pepper Spray, as well.

    Sex Crimes Unit

    Beaverton Sheriff, along with a Decoy Detective from the Sex Crimes Unit, arrived onto the scene in the Big Lots parking lot. The Pedophile was Detained to the curb and Publicly Shamed as my Flyers made it around the neighborhood, thanks to the friendly staff with a Printer at the Chevron across the street.

    UPDATE (When PAPI left the scene Lee received a call in the car): After the Decoy Detective Reviewed the Chat Logs, he determined that there was Sexual Motive linked to an Eggplant Emoji.

    It appears that James is going to be prosecuted in a court of law; Also might lose his apartment, face prison time, and have to register as a LifeLong Sex Offender.

    Twitter | @OpticsDotMedia

    PAPI Chat Logs

    (Profile says Max Power 22 Male, Beaverton OR) [He’s 49]

    (Dec 27 * 11:16 PM)
    James (Pedophile): Hi Lil! My name is Jim.
    How are you tonight?

    Hunter (Decoy): Bored hbu?
    Are you in Portland?

    James: Yes Aloha
    Off 185th and TV hwy
    I keep chatting thinking people are in Beaverton lmao
    App is different that way

    Hunter: You into younger guys?

    James: Yes I am y
    My phone is needing a reboot brb

    Hunter: I like older guys
    I’m still in hs

    James: Cool
    Think you can come over after school?
    You go to Aloha
    Would like a young Boyfriend
    You seem really nice lol

    Hunter: You okay with 14?
    I’m turning 15 soonish

    James: Okay

    Hunter: I’m not doing anything this weekend

    James: Okay you close by 185th and Canyon?

    Hunter: I’m near dt

    James: I would like to meet you

    Hunter: You drive?

    James: My Radiator is leaving really bad so not right now
    I am talking to someone about it tomorrow lol

    Hunter: Okay my friend does

    James: Cool
    2 of you? Your boyfriend?

    Hunter: No he’s just my friend

    James: It just a friend who gets it lol
    Come Over Anytime you want to then! Secured apartment building

    Hunter: I might hangout with him tonight if I can convince him to come out

    James: So you have to message me or call me to get in

    Hunter: Okay I can do that

    James: Could you stay the night snuggled up with me? I have a really nice bed and 7 pillows lol

    Hunter: I’m not sure depends I would have to have like an excuse or something
    I’m Hunter

    James: Cool!
    We’re frenching already lmao

    Hunter: Lol

    (11:40 PM)
    Hunter: Hey, it’s hunter

    James: Hey! Glad you texted me

    Hunter: 😁

    James: Okay got you saved in my contacts lol

    Hunter: Same

    James: 👍

    Hunter: If I can go out tonight do you wanna hangout?

    James: Can’t to meet you and kiss you and hold you in my arms!

    Hunter: Okay 😜

    James: (James Pic 1 | Face Pic)
    I face planted a couple weeks ago lmao

    Hunter: Oh no!

    James: I stood up. Thought I only had 1 beer forgot the neighbor had just given me 4 shots of vodka lmao

    Hunter: (Hunter Pic 1 | Upper Body Mirror)
    (Hunter Pic 2 | Upper Body Mirror No Shirt)
    I’ve never drank
    I smoke weed tho

    James: Cool me too!

    Hunter: You have any?

    James: Maybe lol
    (James Pic 2 | Weed Plant)
    Always lol


    James: I’m Jimmy Gimme Bud lol

    Hunter: 🤣🤣🤣

    James: (James Pic 3 | Weed Plant)
    Nickname from after Highschool lol

    Hunter: Nice lol maybe I’ll get one after hs 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣

    James: My snapchat name and Skype too lol
    I’m going to give you our own nicknames lol

    Hunter: Oh yeah?

    James: Can’t wait for our first date!

    Hunter: I gotta call my friend and see if he wants to go out what’s the address so I can see how far?

    James: What time you think you can get here?

    Hunter: He can get to me in like 20 mins if he wants
    Idk how long from here to you

    James: 18670 SE Blanton St.. Beaverton, Or 97078 Unit #301

    Hunter: Ok let me nap it and call him he’s probably down if there’s weed involved

    James: OMG 20 MINUTES!! AWESOME!

    Hunter: He’s 17 but obviously can’t buy any

    James: I can kick a bud. I only have a few grams I got from the store tonight

    Hunter: Imma call him him and see if he’s down

    James: Okay cool! If not maybe I can come dt and we can kick it together?
    I think I want to Date You
    Lol probably crazy
    Guess we will figure it out lol

    Hunter: He said he can come but it will be 40 mins he’s at his friends
    So I can be there in like an hour and 30 mins tops

    James: No problem I can wait for You!

    Hunter: Okay ❤️

    James: (James Pic 4 | Cartoon Duck GIF Heart Pounding)
    What do you do for fun after school?
    You at home right now?

    Hunter: Yeah I’m at home
    I used to play baseball now I smoke and skate with my friends

    James: Okay lol. You like underwear?

    Hunter: Wdym?

    James: Then I got high then I got high
    Actually tv is on but I couldn’t tell you what is on it lmao Been focused on texting with you

    Hunter: Imma take a shower brb

    James: Wanted to say hi on video lol
    Going to shave and shower too
    (James Video 1 | 27 sec)

    Hunter: He’s like 15ish minutes from me

    James: Okay cool
    (James Pic 5 | Face Pic)
    Thumbs up fail lol

    Hunter: Lol

    James: I keep going to ask questions. But I think we will have time to talk lol
    In person

    Hunter: Definately
    I’m excited
    But nervous lol

    James: I prefer that

    Hunter: Would you meet at the gate?
    It would make me less nervous lol


    Hunter: Lol no 🤫

    James: No gate but there is a smoking gazebo out front at the parking lot enterance

    Hunter: I’m not the popos I think they probably would of showed up when you sent your address lol

    James: I will wait for you and meet you there

    Hunter: Okay ❤️❤️

    James: Ikr lol
    The stages of meeting you online lol

    Hunter: 🍆🍑

    James: Can I 👍

    Hunter: Maybe 😜
    Friends about to be here brb

    James: Can I pick you up in my arms and kiss you when you get here?
    Okay can’t wait!
    So much I want to talk about. But you will likely leave me nervous and speechless lol
    Can you call when you’re close to 185th and tv hwy please?
    (James Pic 6 | “CALL ME” Meme}
    When you’re close lol

    Hunter: We about to take off
    Yeah I can call lol

    James: Awesome thank you! CAN’T WAIT!

    Hunter: ❤️❤️❤️
    We stopping to get food on the way

    James: Okay
    No problem

    Hunter: What do you do for fun

    James: 420

    Hunter: Lol that it?

    James: Been resting alot lately. I have 3 fractures in my back taking years to heal… I just have a hard time not doing something lol

    Hunter: Ah that makes sense
    Do you work?

    James: Been wanting a Boyfriend to go do everything we can together

    Hunter: 😜

    James: I have been getting better over the past few months
    Social security

    Hunter: How old are you again

    James: 49

    Hunter: How much do you get? My mom got like 700

    James: About the same

    Hunter: Nice 😜

    James: Lol
    Sadly no more money until the first… Then hopefully getting a ounce for the next month lol
    Maybe a bottle of whiskey to enjoy over the month lol

    Hunter: Nice

    James: Tobacco car payment rent electricity…etc….lol

    Hunter: 😜😜

    James: Can’t wait to cuddle up with you!

    Hunter: I’ll call when I stop to get food

    James: Kissing you gently all over!

    Hunter: We are like 10ish mins away

    James: Okay cool! My roommate is at the Chevron getting more beer lol

    Hunter: Nice
    What kind of beer

    James: He will be upset seeing someone so young possibly. He was 14 when I met him lmao
    36 now
    Cheap 40’s

    Hunter: Oh okay 🤫

    James: I like the flavored beers like grape. Watermelon

    Hunter: Same

    James: But sadly broke till the first. Only 5 days to go lol
    Awesome! Cool we like the same drink

    Hunter: [[You called Jim | 1 min 46 sec]]

    James: Pomeroy Place Apartments
    18670 sw Blanton St.

    Hunter: [[You called Jim | 40 sec]]

    James: Then me lol
    Got a nice bud for him too. In a container to go lol

    Hunter: Nice

    James: 👍


    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

    Donnie Lee footage | Founder of PAPI

    Chris Ponte footage | PDX Street News Network

    Robert West footage

    Ruthless Copwatcher footage

    Pomeroy Place

    Small Children’s Playground found on Apartments.com

    For families and individuals – rent costs are based on income.
    For leasing information, call (971) 238-4280 or email:


    2017 ORS 167.057
    Luring a minor

    (1) A person commits the crime of luring a minor if the person furnishes to, or uses with, a minor, a police officer posing as a minor or an agent of a police officer posing as a minor, a visual representation or explicit verbal description or narrative account of sexual conduct for the purpose of inducing the minor or purported minor to engage in sexual conduct.

    (2) A person is not liable to prosecution for violating subsection (1) of this section if the person furnishes or uses a representation, description or account of sexual conduct that forms merely an incidental part of an otherwise nonoffending whole and serves some purpose other than titillation.

    (3) In a prosecution under subsection (1) of this section, it is an affirmative defense:

    (a) That the representation, description or account was furnished or used for the purpose of psychological or medical treatment and was furnished by a treatment provider or by another person acting on behalf of the treatment provider;

    (b) That the defendant had reasonable cause to believe that the person to whom the representation, description or account was furnished or with whom the representation, description or account was used was not a minor; or

    (c) That the defendant was less than three years older than the minor or, in the case of a police officer or agent of a police officer posing as a minor, the age of the purported minor as reported to the defendant at the time of the alleged offense.

    (4) Luring a minor is a Class C felony.

    (5)(a) The court may designate luring a minor as a sex crime under ORS 163A.005 if the court determines that:

    (A) The offender reasonably believed the minor or, in the case of a police officer or agent of a police officer posing as a minor, the purported minor to be more than five years younger than the offender or under 16 years of age; and

    (B) Given the nature of the offense, the age of the minor or purported minor as reported to the defendant and the person’s criminal history, designation of the offense as a sex crime is necessary for the safety of the community.

    (b) The court shall indicate the designation and the findings supporting the designation in the judgment.

    (6) As used in this section, “police officer” has the meaning given that term in ORS 181A.355.

    Chris Hansen Shoutout

    Chris Hansen gives ShoutOut to PDXPAPI

    This is Brandon Farley Reporting from Portland. A Special Thanks to All of Portland’s Active Predator Interceptors

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  • Downtown Portland Walking Tour

    Taken on November 24th, 2019 |
    Shot by Brandon Farley |
    Panasonic Lumix FZ300

  • Portland Crows in November

    Photos taken on November 20th, 2019 | Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
    (Panasonic Lumix FZ300)

  • Antifa 4 Trump (Photos)

    On Sunday, October 27th, 2019, Portland’s Liberation and Patriot Prayer hosted an Antifa costume event in downtown Portland.

  • Video Journalist is Blocked by Antifa from Public Space

    October 26th, 2019 | Chapman Square | City Hall

    Sean Kealiher Memorial Potluck

    While trying to report the news in Portland, Brandon Farley was hostilly ejected from Chapman Square Memorial Potluck. Despite this being an unpermitted event, Antifa and other supporters of Sean Kealiher were there to hijack the entire park, deciding who goes in and who gets redirected.

    Luis Marquez spitting at and physically assaulting Brandon Farley
    Luis takes on the duty of Gatekeeper to Chapman Square
  • October 2019 (Photo Album)

    Photos taken by Brandon Farley in downtown Portland, Oregon with Panasonic Lumix FZ300

  • Anarchist Crash Site Memorial (Photo Gallery)

    Crash Site of Sean Kealiher

  • Climate Strike for Immigrant Justice (Photos)

    September 29th, 2019 | Downtown Portland | Salmon Springs Fountain | Hawthorn Bridge

    Free for Editorial and Personal Use |
    Contact for Unwatermarked Full Res Images

    Hosted by Extinction Rebellion Portland – XR PDX | Portland Jobs with Justice | 500 Años Resistencia Naciones Indigenas | Bajo Salario/Collective Band | Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Portland | ICHRP PNW | 350PDX | Oregon PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility) | Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights | Fuerza Oregon Advocacy Association | Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 | Student Leadership & Service at Lewis & Clark College | PDX Sanctuary Coalition | Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition | Don’t Shoot Portland | Unpresidented Brass Band

  • Climate Strike (Photo Gallery)

    September 20th, 2019 | Downtown Portland, Oregon

    Free Editorial and Personal Use.

    (Purchase Unrestricted License)

    Contact for High Resolution Non-Watermarked.

    $35 per photo | $500 for Full Set

    300ppi 4000×3000 | 63 jpegs

  • Peaceful Prayer March

    Peaceful Prayer March | Downtown Portland, Oregon |
    Pioneer Courthouse Square | September 15th, 2019

    The Lone Wolf

    Lone Antagonizer takes Pepsi to the Face by Antifa Child; Guy Responds with a Full Fledged Assault.

    He then proceeds to chase after him and even attempted to throw the Antifa Child down a flight of stairs.

    He stopped short of the moment, perhaps, realizing he might be going too far.

    Joey Gibson Denounces Rogue Violence at Peaceful Prayer March

    Joey immediately condemned this act of violence from the lone aggressor.

    “You’re not with us if you’re going to fight.”

    – Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer)

    The Solution to Homelessness

    Pacifism Handbook includes the solution to homelessness, according to one Antifa Counter Protester. What is that solution, you might be wondering?


    Satanic Portland

    Atheist Branded Antifa Subsect “Satanic Portland” Performed an UnBaptism Ceremony as they mocked and ridiculed the Christian religion.

    “Jesus didn’t do shit to stop what happened to me”

    Satan Worshiper

    “Many Christians have been subjected to baptism as a child, before the age of consent”

    “The work of Satanism is carried out, today, as we give voice to the voiceless”

    Native American Ex-Soldier

    “This Nation is in Distress” and “End White Terrorism” were two of the sentiments expressed by Native American Ex-Soldier counter protester at the Peaceful Prayer March.

    She accused Joey Gibson of being a White Supremacist. 

    “We’re the Same Color”

    Joey Gibson (Patriot Prayer)

    Videographer Inadvertently Fires Antifa Member

    “Fuck You, Brandon Farley”

    – Richard

    You can help support the work of Brandon Farley on PayPal. Thanks for tuning in to Optics Media, Portland’s Alternative News Source on the Rise.

    Peaceful Prayer March (Photo Gallery)

  • The Trial of Kif Davis

    Multnomah County Courthouse

    August 14th, 2019

    1. The Buildup

    2. Testimony Begins

    3. Joe Walsh

    4. The Next Day

    August 22nd, 2019

    5. G4S

    6. Attorney Gilbert

    7. Character Witness

    8. Joe Walsh

    9. Impose Sentence

  • Peaceful Prayer March (Photo Gallery)

    September 15th, 2019 Peaceful Prayer March
    Downtown Portland, Oregon
    (Pioneer Courthouse Square)

    Free for Editorials and Personal Use. Consider Sending a Donation. Thanks for your Support!

  • Fred Meyer Robot Quits on the Job

    Robot goes on Strike at Fred Meyer in Portland, OR.

  • Homeless Portland Photo Archive | August 2019

    Photo collection from Downtown Portland, Oregon taken in the month of August, 2019.

    Allowed for Editorials | Courtesy of Brandon Farley

  • Spartan and Daughter Swarmed by Antifa | Aug. 17th

    Antifa Riot

    Patriot “Based Spartan” John Turano and his daughter, Bianca, were attacked on August 17th, 2019, by a swarm of angry violent antifa protesters.

    A riot was not officially declared, but that’s exactly what it was, according to ORS 166.015.

    Water Assault

    Many attacks were deflected by the shield, however, a few could not be, as some assaults included water being splashed by multiple people from all sides.


    Antifa’s newest mascot “Beta Cuck 4Lyfe” ran up from behind Spartan and pushed him with as much power as the Cuck could muster.

    It still wasn’t enough to bring him to the ground.

    Finding an Opening

    Spartan’s main focus was getting his daughter to safety before she could face any further trauma from this mob of thugs.

    Their immediate objective was to make it onto the ramp and cross over from the Morrison bridge, on foot, without getting killed in the process.

    Antifa Mob

    Over 100 Antifa protesters followed behind them, hurling threats and insults.

    “Clown Ass Muh’Fucka!”

    – Blue Swagger

    Police Intervention

    Right before it could escalate even more, a full-size SUV pulled up, just in time; Portland Police were there to diffuse the situation.

    Safe Exit

    With the riot police coming into effect, Antifa was cut off from the two right wing protesters as they were then free to cross the bridge, peacefully, and wave the Trump flag without the threat of Antifa violence.

    Thank You for Supporting Optics Media
    Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

  • Patriots Walk with Flags through Downtown Portland

    Members of Patriot Prayer and Portland’s Liberation came downtown Saturday afternoon on August 24th, 2019.

    This was after Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that nobody from their affiliation was welcome.

    To spread the message of Non-Hate and Bringing People Together, Joey Gibson and Haley Adams led the American flag waving march from Pioneer Courthouse Square to City Hall and back.

    Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

    Haley Adams |Love and Unity

    We need “Unity, Dialogue, and Love.”

    “We’re never going to Bend a Knee for Domestic Terrorists because This Is Our Country and This Is Our Home.”

    Haley Adams

    Street Roots Vendor

    A man who was selling Street Roots “an insider’s look at what’s going on in Portland” walked up and sold a paper, on the spot.

    Patriots are well known to be sympathetic towards people in disparaging situations who happen to be down on their luck;

    This is opposite of their Antifa adversaries who have been known to exploit homeless people with mental illnesses, using them as tools or weapons against their enemies.

    Interaction with a Homeless Guy

    Patriots paused for a moment to recognize a man who was presumably homeless, writing on a cardboard box.

    He professed great admiration for this nation; reacting positively to the presence of these American flag holding patriots.

    “It’s a great nation” “Founded on foreigners and people from Europe”

    “We don’t waste our food here ’cause there’s hungry people in Africa”

    – Homeless Guy

    City Hall

    Joey Gibson Prays for Portland

    Police Assistance

    Antifa Agitator | Ignore Tracy

    Joey Gibson Recognized by Supporter

    Encounter with a Flower Lady

    There was one onlooker who didn’t look particularly happy to see the group of patriots; this was a heavyset woman working at Pioneer Square’s Spellbound Flowers.

    “I love selling my flowers, there’s so much ugliness on these streets”

    – Flower Lady

    “Like Patriot Prayer?”

    Haley Adams (Mayoral Candidate)

    “Is Someone Talking?”

    – Flower Lady

    Acting in a highly unprofessional manner, she decided to ignore their existence, entirely, and quickly rushed off the to the back of the tent.

    Exiting Downtown

    After enjoying some of the fine amenities that downtown has to offer, when patriots were ready to leave, they rode the TriMet Max Yellow line.

    It appears that there was a skateboarding Antifa member who had just barely missed them by mere seconds…

    Don’t worry, buddy. You’ll get ’em next time. Keep that pepper spray handy; tucked away in your parent’s basement.

    No Antifa Violence happens during Peaceful Patriot Events.

  • August 17th | Patriots Leave

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

  • August 17th | Debate a Lefty

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

  • August 17th | Joe Biggs

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

  • August 17th | Debate a Cyclist

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

  • August 17th | United Patriots of America

    Joey Gibson

    The Gathering of the Patriots

    Antifa Spotters

    Get Him Outta Here

    Hell Shaking Street Preachers

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • August 17th | Crossing Over

    Patriots Crossing to the East

    Hawthorne Bridge

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • August 17th | Counter Protest

    “Go Home Nazis!”

    Looney left wing so-called “activists” caused a mild disruption among the peaceful patriots when Portland’s Liberation made their glorious reveal.

    Haley Adams, the co-founder of Portland’s Liberation, is currently running for Portland mayor in 2020. She’s leading in the polls against Ted Wheeler, Teressa Raiford and Sarah Iannarone.

    Arun Gupta | Fake News

    Fake News Provocateur, Arun Gupta, was seen stalking around, like a Vulture.

    Gupta, whose only known accomplishment was simply having a career as a mediocre chef, is now deciding, at this juncture in his life, to cross over into the realm of Fake News citizen journalism.

    Sparking Healthy Debate

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • August 17th | Patriotism Combined

    Crossing The Bridge

    After a mid-bridge halt, which lasted several minutes, police finally gave the go-ahead for patriots to move forward.

    Onward, Patriots!

    Patriots from all walks of life came out to celebrate freedom, liberty, and all American values. Journalist, streamers, and concerned citizens were among them. Being in the center of the crowd, no one appeared to be angry or bitter. They were happy to be there and thankful to the police who were there to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Police Doing Their Jobs

    Police officers made sure that there was adequate space between the terror group who is prone to violence, known as Antifa, and the peaceful loving patriotic protesters who obey the law.

    Merging of the Patriots

    They were met with welcome arms and even a live solo musical performance by Veteran Gregory Isaacson.

    However, it wasn’t all love and embrace; tensions were met with hostility at the gate as an arm-locked group of counter protesters chanted, repeatedly, “Go Home Nazis” while holding a poster that read “WHITE SUPREMACY IS TERRORISM”

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • August 17th | Gatekeepers at the Bridge

    PPB was geared up and ready to serve as gatekeepers of the downtown district as the Morrison bridge was occupied by multiple law enforcement officers in riot gear.

    Not Welcome Here

    Protesters were stopped dead in their tracks.

    Chief Danielle Outlaw and Mayor Ted Wheeler‘s new catchphrase “Not Welcome Here” was expressed, in sentiment, during the halting of the patriots.

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • August 17th | Setting Up for Dueling Protests
    Portland Police outside Multnomah Justice Center

    On August 17th, 2019 several unpermitted rallies, on two opposing sides, were set to take place in downtown Portland.

    Starting Line

    Demonstrations, on both sides, began at the waterfront.

    Concrete barricades were put into place. Members of the Portland Police Bureau stood and watched while others surveyed the area. PPB Liaisons were also there to interact with event attendees and organizers.

    Music played on a speaker in the background as attendees were making their way to Salmon Springs Fountain.

    Defacement of Public Property

    Anarchist symbolism, a form of Mental Gymnastics, was seen plastered along the waterfront; some of it was expressing an anti-cop point of view.

    Graffiti Vandalism (ACAB | All Cops Are Bastards)

    Patriots Are Coming

    Joe Biggs and the Proud Boys were leading a large pack of Patriots on the other side of the river as police were gearing up for the next encounter.

    Lost Lefties

    Left Wing activist poured in, some groups getting lost along the way.

    Geese and Police

    Geese were grazing. Police surveying the area.

    Patriots on the west side were eager to spread their message, peacefully, while they waited for the others to cross the bridge.

    Treason has a PRICE | COLUSION (misspelled) DELUSION IS Just “THAT”

    Brandon Farley | Optics Media

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  • Street Interview | Homeless Schizophrenic & Trans

    Gay White Privilege

    On Sunday, August 4th, 2019, a homeless gay mentally disabled trans man spoke out about a range of topics, including Pedophelia within the gay community and life on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

  • Portland’s Liberation Crashes “Borderless” Social Justice Event


    Border Resistance Tour – Portland, OR

    DetailsDiscussion of current direct action & autonomous organizing in the Southern border regions of the so-called United States.

    Please keep in mind that this event is centered around BIPOC & immigrants: we are creating a safer space environment for people to feel comfortable & confident. Additionally, all Anarres events are always aimed at being a safer spaces for marginalized people. Please keep this in mind with your words & actions, at this event and all other Anarres events.

    The building is ADA accessible, folks with wheelchairs should be able to get in. The bathroom should be able to fit standard wheelchairs, and has a metal bar for support. We encourage people to contact the venue (SJAC) directly if you have additional concerns.

    sjac@riseup.net /// 971 279 7740 /// 400 SE 12th Ave, Portland

    please also cc us on the email at firebrandcollective@protonmail.com, so we can help provide you support at the event. We want as many folks to come out as possible!

    from the organizers:

    “We will be giving first hand accounts from local organizers about the last 8 months of Direct Action and Mutual Aid in the Border towns of Juarez, El Paso, TJ & San Diego. Including Contra Viento y Marea (autonomous migrant warehouse lock-ins), and Tornillo the Occupation. The work is currently centered around building infrastructure to meet & alleviate the basic needs of migrants and detainees with Food not Walls and Casa Carmelita in El Paso, and Hecate Society in TJ. We will also be talking about our upcoming Border Resistence Convergence in Sept.”

    “We will be giving first hand accounts from local majority QTBIPOC organisers about the last 8 months of Direct Action and Mutual Aide in the Border towns of Juarez/El Paso and Tijuana/SanDiego. Including Contra Viento y Marea, Tornillo the Occupation, and No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths. The work is currently centered around building infrastructure to meet/alleviate the basic needs of migrants and detainees with Food not Walls and Casa Carmelita in El Paso, and Hecate Society in TJ. Other crews will join us for one or two locations. We will also be talking about and inviting you to our upcoming Border Resistance Convergence happening in El Paso Sept 1-10th #meetmeintexas#hecatesociety#rvlt_19#carmelitacasa#casacarmelita#nomoredeaths

    Public · Hosted by Anarres Infoshop & Community Space and Social Justice Action Center


  • Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Sex Offenders | Community Member Expresses Concerns

    On Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, community member, Chuck Crockett sat down to talk to Mayor Ted Wheeler about his open associations with known sex offenders, such as Matt Hennessee.

    Commissioner Nick Fish got up and left the City Council Chambers, right before Crockett spoke, and then sat back down, right at the end of his 2 minutes.

    Commissioner Chloe Eudaly let out a Long Sigh after Crockett had mentioned the city’s lack of response and aid to the African American community in Portland. She kept her head down, for the most part, occasionally looking up and getting distracted by the sounds of construction on the building, but overall, appearing overtly disinterested, the entire time he was speaking.

    At the end, none of the commissioners responded to any of his public testimony, aside from a “Thank you, next” given by the Mayor.

    YouTube Interview with Chuck Crockett on Oregon Voter Digest | Community issues at core of Multnomah County Commission election – May 6, 2018

    Child Rapist Matt Hennessee

    On June 12th, 2019, Portland Police Bureau held a meeting with Pastor Matt Hennessee at the Doubletree Hotel with a Barbeque outside at Holliday Park. He was there to present his “Public Safety Plan.”

    Hennessee is known to have raped his underaged family member, from when she was a preteen, to right before she would have turned of legal age, had she not told the truth to her school’s counselor, for fear of escalation.

    Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee Raped Child Family Member

    This is known, yet, Hennessee has been given a role to serve in the community, alongside the Police Department, to reach out, personally, to disaffected youth.

  • Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee Raped Child Family Member

    Civic leader Accused of Sex Abuse

    1990s Ex-PDC chairman Matt Hennessee paid for a teen relative’s counseling after others heard her allegations

    Friday, November 04, 2005 | The Oregonian

    The Following Report was Gathered by SCOTT LEARN and ANNA GRIFFIN

    “Scott Learn: 503-294-7657; scottlearn@news.oregonian.com AnnaGriffin: 503-294-5988; annagriffin@news.oregonian.com

    Matt Hennessee, a pastor, civic leader and recently departed chairman
    of the Portland Development Commission, was accused of sexually
    abusing an underaged female relative more than a decade ago,
    according to interviews, documents and law enforcement records.

    Prosecutors declined to press charges in 1993 because Hennessee, the
    teenager and her mother refused to cooperate. But in recent
    interviews and a signed statement to The Oregonian, the woman, now
    29, says Hennessee abused her “several times per week” from age 12
    or 13 to 16.

    Documents obtained by the newspaper include e-mails Hennessee sent
    to the woman in 2003 admitting sexual abuse, a police report on the
    investigation and an attorney case file that documents a settlement in
    which Hennessee paid for the girl’s counseling.

    Hennessee left the city’s urban renewal agency on July 27 at the end
    of his three-year term. A former Nike executive, he now leads
    Quiktrak, a Beaverton technology firm, and serves as pastor at a North
    Portland church. He came to Oregon in 1988 at the request of future
    Gov. Ted Kulongoski to oversee the state workers’ compensation

    He considered running for mayor in 2004. More recently, friends and
    supporters have suggested he challenge U.S. Rep. David Wu, D-Ore.,
    in 2006.

    In a July 26 interview, Hennessee, 46, said describing his conduct with
    the girl as sexual would be “very, very mischaracterized.” He declined
    to answer direct questions about whether he had sex with her.
    In a written statement to The Oregonian late last month, Hennessee
    apologized for what he called “my inappropriate exposure and poor
    judgment,” without explaining what that meant. He also said former
    relatives were out to destroy his reputation.

    The woman said she declined to cooperate with authorities as a
    teenager because she cared for Hennessee and hoped to protect him.

    She said she agreed to come forward now because Hennessee remains
    in trustworthy positions, and his recent statements suggest he hasn’t
    accepted responsibility for his actions or their impact.

    “Mr. Hennessee was a trusted and important figure in my life,” her
    statement says, “and he violated the trust I placed in him.”
    The Oregonian began researching Hennessee’s background this
    summer for a story about his life and career, his tenure atop the
    Development Commission and his future plans.

    Reporters learned of the sexual abuse allegations in late July from a
    source outside the family. Public records from the Multnomah County
    district attorney and the Portland Police Bureau indicate there was a
    1993 investigation.

    On July 26, Hennessee said he had not heard of that investigation.
    “What happened was a private family issue, period,” Hennessee said

    The woman initially declined to talk to reporters about Hennessee.
    When told of Hennessee’s responses, she changed her mind. She also
    provided records on the case.

    The Oregonian does not publish the names of sex abuse victims
    without their consent, and is not publishing the name of the woman or
    her exact relationship to Hennessee to protect her identity. The
    woman, who lives in the Portland area and is married with young
    children, said she is willing to testify in court to the truth of her

    The police report, obtained in late September, and a letter
    Hennessee’s lawyer sent to police indicate that Hennessee knew about
    the allegations. He spoke with a state child abuse investigator, the
    report says, and had a lawyer talk to police on his behalf.
    In his October statement, Hennessee did not address why he originally
    told reporters he had not heard of the investigation.

    The woman also provided two emails that she says Hennessee sent in
    January 2003, after she decided to break off contact with him. In the
    long missives, Hennessee apologized twice for sexually abusing her,
    adding that he “never sexually abused anyone before you and never
    have since then.”

    “I would give my life to re-live and do it differently where you’re
    concerned,” he said in the first email. “I apologize for abusing you

    He later added: “While I respect and appreciate your protection of me,
    I hope you know it makes me feel no less guilty about what I did to
    you and has been the catalyst for me to make sure (to) leave this life
    never, ever doing something so horrible again.”

    Hennessee, who was about 29 to 33 at the time of the alleged abuse,
    did not dispute the emails. In his statement, he said he does not
    “begrudge anyone for sharing with you private and privileged emails.”
    He said they were written “with the intent of aiding our healing

    After the July interview, Hennessee refused repeated requests to talk
    further with reporters.

    In his recent statement, Hennessee did not elaborate on either the
    events of 12 years ago or why relatives would be out to get him,
    saying that doing so would “open a gate of mutually resolved
    disagreements and counter accusations.”

    “With God’s help, I sought forgiveness, reconciliation and healing
    many years ago for the issues within my ex-family which stemmed
    from my childhood and other trauma . . . ,” he wrote. “I refuse to be a
    part of rehashing the details of this issue or my version of this matter
    in the media.”

    State, police investigate

    The report Portland police compiled gives the following account from
    investigators and the people they interviewed:
    Hennessee’s relative, then 16, went to a school counselor in 1992 to
    report that she was being sexually abused and feared the abuse was
    about to escalate.

    The counselor called Child Protective Services, which launched an
    investigation. In March 1993, someone sent authorities a separate,
    anonymous note accusing Hennessee of abuse.
    That triggered a
    separate police investigation.

    The lead detective on the case called the teenager and her mother,
    who both would not talk.
    The report says he also left a message on
    Hennessee’s work phone at Nike.

    Portland lawyer Philip Lewis called back on Hennessee’s behalf several
    days later. The attorney said Hennessee “was unwilling to discuss the
    situation with the police,” the report says. Lewis also sent a letter to
    police saying Hennessee was exercising his constitutional right to
    remain silent and to not provide evidence against himself — the
    standard approach he recommends for clients accused of sex abuse,
    according to Lewis’ Web site.

    The Police Bureau forwarded its file to the Multnomah County
    prosecutor. But records say the district attorney’s office declined to
    charge Hennessee because the girl “did not wish to prosecute.”

    According to the police detective, the teenager told the state
    investigator that the abuse lasted 18 months, from age 14_1/2 to 16.
    She said Hennessee fondled her breasts and genitals and had her
    touch his genitals through his pants
    , the report says.

    Today, the woman says the abuse also included oral sex and genital
    contact short of penetration
    , and began when she was 12 or 13, not

    She says she was trying to protect Hennessee by downplaying the
    severity of the abuse to the school counselor and the state
    She didn’t realize the school counselor would report the
    abuse allegation to the state.

    “I just needed to talk about it with someone,” she said recently. “I felt
    afraid and alone, and I knew I needed help.

    File Documents Payment

    The woman says the abuse stopped after she first spoke with her
    school counselor and a state child abuse worker became involved.
    Soon after, lawyers for the girl and Hennessee began negotiating a
    private settlement, she said.

    Mark Austin Cross, the teenager’s attorney at the time, told The
    Oregonian that Hennessee promised to distance himself from the girl,
    pay her therapy and legal bills, and attend counseling himself. She
    promised not to sue him or seek criminal prosecution.

    Cross’ file on the case includes several letters he wrote to Lewis
    requesting Hennessee’s payment for the woman’s counseling and
    letters from Lewis transmitting the payments.

    The woman gave Cross permission to speak with reporters. Lewis,
    Hennessee’s attorney then, declined to discuss the case.

    Hennessee remained a part of the woman’s life for another decade. He
    interacted with her, her husband and children, she said, and gave
    them up to $8,000 for a down payment on a house.

    She decided to break off contact with Hennessee in 2003. In e-mails to
    him, she wrote that she was wary of him spending time alone with her
    She said recently that she finally had realized she did not
    have to maintain contact with him.

    Hennessee paid for her to attend counseling for three years, she said,
    starting when she was 16. Since then, she says she has been in
    therapy off and on.

    The woman said she still lives with psychological pain from the abuse,
    but has a happy marriage and happy children. The statute of
    limitations on the charge prosecutors were considering has expired
    and the woman and her mother both said they will not sue Hennessee.

    “I am aware that Mr. Hennessee has also suffered in life, and I feel
    compassion for him,” the woman wrote in her statement. “However, if
    Mr. Hennessee is not willing to speak truthfully about what happened
    to me, then I am concerned that he has not profited from his
    counseling or realized how damaging sexual abuse is for children.

    Rise to public service

    In his written statement, Hennessee mentions the difficulty of his
    childhood. Before the abuse allegations surfaced, he told The
    Oregonian that his early struggles shaped his commitment to public

    Hennessee’s 16-year-old mother gave him to an orphanage just after
    he was born in 1959 in Columbus, Ohio. He spent his first three years
    in braces to correct deformities in his hands and feet.

    At age 7, his foster mother died in a car accident, sending him back to
    the orphanage and then to a second foster home, a period he
    described in earlier interviews as “the hardest time of my life.”

    Hennessee was 9, he says, when he memorized Martin Luther King
    Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. In the sixth grade, he told his teacher
    he wanted to be president someday. Classmates elected him student
    body president at Oberlin College in Ohio, then he took a series of
    government leadership jobs.

    In 1988, he came to Oregon under then-Gov. Neil Goldschmidt and
    insurance commissioner Kulongoski to run the state Workers’
    Compensation Division.

    He moved on in 1990 to become a Nike executive, and in 1999 he left
    to run Quiktrak, where the company’s owners credit him with tripling
    revenues and creating an open and warm culture. Today his friends
    include Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Coretta Scott King and
    her eldest daughter, Yolanda.

    This spring, Hennessee was chosen to head the Vancouver Avenue
    First Baptist Church in North Portland after 16 years as an assistant
    pastor at a nearby church. Congregation members say he has
    revitalized the church and increased attendance with his inspirational
    and energetic preaching style. He married for the second time in May.
    His time leading the Portland Development Commission featured some
    dramatic successes — including helping to shepherd through the South
    Waterfront development. But he also drew criticism that he allowed a
    culture of free-spending and insufficient public involvement on
    controversial projects such as the renewal of the Burnside Bridgehead
    Redevelopment area.

    In November 2004, Kulongoski appointed Hennessee to a four-year
    term as a policyholder representative on the board of Saif Corp., the
    state workers’ compensation insurer. He resigned on Aug. 19, telling
    the agency that his company had switched to a different workers’
    compensation insurer.

    Hennessee’s friends and colleagues say he has an uncanny ability to
    inspire people, connect across races and look on the bright side of any
    situation. They compare his political potential to that of U.S. Sen.
    Barack Obama, D-Ill.

    Hennessee, who like Obama is African American, has said that many
    blacks think their leaders are targeted by the news media and the
    powers-that-be: “There’s a feeling that every time one emerges, he’s
    always going to get hit hard.”

    In an earlier interview, he said his worst mistake in life was fathering a
    son out of wedlock when he was 26. He said his strong faith also
    stemmed from his difficult childhood.

    Religion “recognizes that a lot of people are hunkered down, stalled in
    their lives, because of the things they have done,” Hennessee said,
    describing the appeal of church.

    “Christ forgave Saul. Even when the disciples asked, ‘How many times
    must I forgive?’ he says you’ve got to keep on forgiving people, giving
    them a chance.”


    Child Rapist | Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee

    Oregon Voter Digest | Misconduct & prominent men – Pastor Matt Hennessee – March 4, 2018

  • Alt-Left Grifters Seek Funds for August 17th “Spectacle”


    Desperate fringe Group, PopMob PDX, from Antifa was responsible for Milkshaking Several Protesters, Journalist, and Bystanders at the June 29th Protest in Downtown Portland.

    This time, however, they seem to have run all out of funding for their operation of evil and have once again resorted to Online and Flyer Based Grifting to contribute to their “Vegan Milkshakes” saying on their website, “If you have a few bucks to spare and would like to help us build a mass movement against bigotry and fascism, consider making a donation. Every dollar counts!

    They stapled large flyers all around a NW neighborhood by downtown’s Fred Meyer grocery store.

    WARNING: Don’t Contribute to this Unwanted Spectacle. They have caused enough damage in the City of Portland.

    Instead, perhaps, consider contributing to a Hard Working Independent Journalists in Portland, like Brandon Farley.

    Block Them Before They Block You

    If you see PopMob flyers anywhere around town, RIP THEM OFF!

  • LGBT Patriots Protest in front of Portland Mayor’s House

    Speak out against PRO-Fascism!

    Portland’s Liberation came back, a second Saturday in a row, to Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house on July 27th, 2019.

    Alyssa Bang and Drakken Saer headed up the event in support of the trans community. Haley Adams was also there to show support, despite having to leave early for a family emergency.

    (00:55) Drakken was interviewed by standoffish PSU Vanguard reporter, Gregory Retts, who decided to walk on the other side of the road, while protesters were making their way towards Ted Wheeler’s House.

    (07:46) Haley Adams read a brief history on her influence in Portland, over the years; how she has been standing up for the 1st and 2nd Amendments and fighting for Liberation against the Communist Siege of Portland by the terrorist organization known as Antifa. She also spoke out about empowering the LGBT community and how Mayor Ted Wheeler has a personal bias against right leaning people in that community, denying their basic rights to liberty and justice.

    People from all different backgrounds and walks of life came out to show their support for this event, including a bisexual hispanic man and former homeless man wearing pink pajamas.

    The event was another Huge Success as Antifa did not show up to cause trouble and the neighbors did not come out to complain. No laws were broken, which is to be expected from a regular gathering of patriotic American-loving citizens.

    — Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

    100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

  • Homeless Woman Raped in Doorway at Knifepoint

    NW 13th and Glisan (Downtown Portland)

    Police say they responded to a call at around 4:30 am on July 26th, 2019, that two women were attacked by a man, with a knife, who was wearing a black hoodie and khaki pants with long hair in a ponytail.

    One woman, asleep in a doorway, was raped at knifepoint. She was sent to the hospital with minor physical injuries. It is yet to be known about her current mental state.

    The vile perpetrator was not captured. He fled north, getting away from the scene of the crime. Police were scoping the area for cameras.

    Sex assault detectives are investigating the case asking anyone with information or video related to this case to contact Detective Ross Dormady at 503-823-0880 or ross.dormady@portlandoregon.gov

    Fox 12 News was on the scene to interview neighbors. However, they did not report the news accurately. The fact that this woman was Homeless and sleeping in a doorway had been omitted from their Full Story. They, instead, referred to her as a “Stranger.”

    This attack occured in an area where expensive condominiums are being built while million dollar boulders are being used to detour the Homeless along the I-405.


    An inconvenient truth is that Homeless People don’t get the same protections as their Housed Neighbors in Portland. They are quite often seen as Less Than Human in the eyes of the Media and also a majority of Citizens.

    The OPTICS Need to Change

  • Antifa Children Out Past Curfew | Journalist Caught in the Limelight

    Underaged Antifas Stalk and Harass Videographer at Willem Van Spronsen “Martyr” Vigil (Occupy ICE PDX)

    Earlier in the night, Portland’s Liberation came to crash the Elephants Deli Pizza Party and were accompanied by Nick Marlas (Love The Police PDX)

    But, now that the pizza was consumed and it was getting close to their bedtimes, their appetites for destruction were setting in.

    As they were relentlessly stalking and harassing Portland Videographer, Brandon Farley, their loud noise was enough to disturbed the neighbors out of bed.

    A woman on a porch asks them to keep it down.

  • Love The Police PDX March on the Waterfront (Video)

    Love The Police PDX Flash March on the Waterfront w/ Portland’s Liberation.

    — Thanks for Watching

    — Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

    100% Independent Journalist – PayPal Approved

  • Ex Military has Detailed Plan to “Slaughter” Antifa

    (Public Safety Alert)
    Shane Michael Kohlfield

    July 20th, 2019 | Portland’s Liberation Event: Occupy Ted’s House

    Mentally ill patriot gave disturbing testimony of some of his actions regarding his enemy Antifa. He mentioned being present at the Haley Adams Him Too March on November 17th, 2018. He claims, however, that he had planted himself on the side of Counter Protesters to “Understand the Enemy.”

    More disturbing than that was when he mentioned writing a congressman detailing, in a manifesto, how he would “Slaughter” Antifa; All while having a knife strapped to his left shoulder, Oregon Concealed Gun License strapped to his right, and a t-shirt that said “This Is My Killing Shirt”


    Shane Michael Kohfield attended 2 events on the same day with Portland’s Liberation.

    Shane Michael Kohfield Goes to a VA Mental Hospital

    This was pulled from Shane’s Facebook page before he deleted it.

    Maybe you noticed but maybe you didn’t but I have gone dark for the last 20 days. The reason for this was because I spent the last 20 days in 5C at the VA mental health facility. The journey to that facility started when I was in Prineville, Oregon when I was visiting family. During the visit to Prineville the police stopped at my house in Canby and they asked my dad if I was dangerous, my dad told them “I know he doesn’t want violence but if he decided to kill anyone I couldn’t stop him and either could anyone else.” This realization and the knowledge of the status message/poem I was working on to show how sharp my teeth actually were gave the police pause. I was told I wasn’t as scary as I thought I was so I wrote a poem about peace and violence for those lacking faith in my ideas. They set up this trap outside my families residence in Prineville tracking me via GPS with nothing less then 6 cop cars all of which had at least 2 officers or more so in total they sent between 12-16 law enforcement officers for the operation when they all moved against me. I would have done the same thing in their place, no hard feelings to the FBI, Police, Sheriffs and any other law enforcement agencies. I had no guns on me or even any guns in Prineville. My guns were all locked in safes in Canby in anticipation of being picked up by the police. I then offered all my guns from my safes to the police until after the rally to show good faith that I truly did not intend to attend the rally with a weapon. It turned out they had a protective order to take my guns from me but I didn’t know it when I offered to freely give my guns to them for a limited amount of time, after the rally. I was told that it was noted in the police report that I offered my guns before I knew I had too so I can prove that statement. I was willing to turn them over for a longer period of time then was required in good faith to show my nonviolent intentions towards Antifa and the Portland police at the rally.

    They told me what my dad said about how dangerous I could be if I chose to be and they asked me if my dad was right that no one could stop me if I decided to kill someone. I told them my father was incorrect that there is only one person that could stop me from killing someone if I chose too and I said “Me” if I had a mind for violence. They didn’t understand so I reiterated that I could stop myself from using violence and that I had no intentions to use violence against Antifa unless they attacked me first but I truly hoped that Antifa didn’t try to harm me because I would rather hug Antifa like brothers and sisters then harm them or the conservatives.

    The police treated me with absolute respect, compassion and professionalism. I allowed them to search my vehicle and my family said the police can search my room I was staying in at their house. I don’t know if they did, I wasn’t concerned. I wish there were more law enforcement officers like them in the United States. They were amazing to me and Kitty. They even ensured they didn’t point their guns at me or have them drawn because they thought keeping me calm was best approach with me and they even let me keep Kitty with me for the 3.5 hour drive to the VA to keep me calm. I was calm. Once I got to the VA, the police kept Kitty and they walked and watered her as I was processed into the system through the Emergency Room. They didn’t have her leash so they used crime scene tape to take care of my little girl and walk her at the VA.

    I’m willing to releases all my medical records to anyone as well as documents including reports arising from the police which will all verify what I’m saying is true. Since little boys talk the talk but don’t walk the walk I will make all records pertaining to the last 20 days available to you if it puts your mind at ease, if someone cares to see them I will send you a link to them when I post them myself.

    They are badges of honor that I put my country above my own selfish desires to live a normal meaningful life. I had no desire to be scary. I knew what I was potentially giving up to prevent both sides from killing each other or at least attempt to.

    The treatment of me by the Portland Veterans hospital staff in the E.R. and 5C (Mental Hospital) was amazing. They held themselves to the highest standards of care and compassion. I will miss every member of the staff especially in 5C, the E.R. was great but the cafeteria should honestly be investigated. I had a great time and I made a lot of friends in the veterans community. I admired the staff because they put up with the majority of my eccentric behavior and didn’t try to change me as a person, they mostly thought I was funny. I was a model patient other than freely sharing my snacks that were bought for me and I treated my snacks like they were my own personal Black Market goods.

    If you know me then this shouldn’t surprise you but I got reprimanded 2-3 times a day on average but for those of you that have worked with me you know that’s that’s the low side of normal for me. My favorite reprimand was when they told me they had nothing to stir my coffee with so I chewed off the bristles on my comb to make a stir stick and they thought that it might have been a shank, at least at first. At this point they were used to me pushing every single rule they had so when I told them I made it to stir my coffee with, they believed me.

    I also asked my nurse if I could keep a comb if it had a broken bristle and when she told me “No and asked me what I did this time?” I gave her my stir stick immediately because it’s better to ask for forgiveness then permission when you are in a mental hospital. My coffee was stirred so whatevs 🤪🤪🤪 Whenever someone walked into the unit that I didn’t recognize, I pretended to chase imaginary butterflies as a funny show of crazy cause I mean why not? It entertained me and anyone that was watching.

    I may have seamed unhinged recently but I realized a while back that if everyone was more afraid of me than each other it would ensure none of you could kill each other at the rally. I never for even a second wanted to use violence against anyone because I love liberals and I love conservatives and it breaks my heart that you all would rather kill each than get along. I never chose a side in your conflict and I’m still not now but if you won’t help me try to make the world a better place then keep fighting but I want no place in either sides violence. If either side wanted to be nice to each other, I’d attend that rally because I’m ready to move on, you should too.

    I’m glad everyone got to know me better, hopefully the next “art collaboration” I do with you doesn’t involve me having to manipulate your mass-psychosis you all have and I hope to collaborate with you all again.

    I call this artist collaboration with Antifa and Conservatives:

    “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

    For this collaboration I played the role of the Boogieman but I was otherwise occupied so I didn’t even have to attend the rally to play the role.

    I call the poem that I was writing and was going to be posted on my social media accounts that resulted in 12-16 law enforcement officers descending on me with no less than 6 police cruisers “The Poetry of Violence”, it was like the Bonnie and Clyde sting operation, my poem got me committed for the last 20 days in a mental institution. It was just a poem to post on social media because I was told I over played my scary card. I didn’t. Ultimately everything I said was protected speech. That’s why I wasn’t on the news, being a veteran helped too, it’s what separates me from the people with guns getting in trouble on the news and me because I have no desire for violence and every word and actions lead to my desired outcome without anyone dying.

    What did I accomplish?

    None of you killed each other at the rally. It wasn’t all me of course but if they sent 12-16 cops just to apprehend me how many cops do you think attended the rally because of me to keep you from killing each other? The police didn’t know that I wasn’t attending the rally because the VA won’t even tell them if I am still a patient or if I was discharged. When I went to rally in November 17th 2018 there were only a couple hundred cops but at the most recent rally nearly all of the Portland police 1,000 strong worked the day of your rally August 17th. How much are a few of your life’s worth? I payed for them by having my Constitutional rights suspended temporarily but potentially permanently (had to watch the dice role on this one but I bet on me) and 20 days in a mental ward for doing nothing other than writing a poem where I talk about my strong desire for peaceful conflict resolution and I shared my ideas about the nature of violence. You think I’m probably insane but I believe the sanity of my ideas are more powerful than either sides lack of sanity and ignorance of who and what I am. You guys keep fighting but the police will stop my “step children” from killing each other with or without me at the Portland rallies. It’s time I move on to other ideas where I no longer am forced to think violently, thank God because I don’t want to be the person many think I am, it’s not who I am, it’s not all of who I am I should say. I will no longer be playing the role of an unhinged Sergeant who is an 0331/0933 and is a United States Marine, meaning no more “unhinged” Facebook rants, just peace and love and puppies and kittens. I want to think about music, paintings and sewing and possibly singing if someone would teach me to give my mind some rest.


    Shane’s Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AntiHer0331

    Shane Michael Kohfield’s Manifesto to Dan Crenshaw

    “I don’t hate them (Antifa), and I am not on an ego trip, but I am a Marine and Once a Marine Always a Marine and I swore an oath to defend the Constitution and what Antifa is doing is violently suppressing our constitutional rights as American citizens. By the power given to me by the Constitution of the United States of America I will end this insurgency against American Citizens if my government refuses to act. I am well within my rights to kill every single one of them since it is quite literally the only way, I can stop them if the government doesn’t act in the best interest of all its citizens. “

    At that point the direction of the letter changed, and I laid out a detailed strategy of how I was going to “handle” Antifa if the government did nothing prevent them from murdering us, so I came up with what I call “The Final Solution”:


    “You will handle Antifa or the veterans will, and veterans will hunt them like animals like they do to the citizens of the United States of America. If Antifa continues to commit acts of war against the citizens of the United States and the government doesn’t stop the attacks immediately then I will tell you exactly how the veterans are going to do this:

    The veterans will join all the Antifa groups on Facebook and they won’t comment or say anything they will simply collect names of members of Antifa.

    The veterans will make friends with people that work in the DMV’s and the veterans will give their friends in the DMV the list of names of all the Antifa members and use background check programs to gain access to all of Antifas home addresses.

    When the veterans have the home addresses of all active members of Antifa the veterans will take overhead maps of the cities that Antifa live in and the veterans will divide the cities into grid squares. Each grid square will be assigned to at least one squad or individual veterans.

    The squad leader will take the lists of names that are within his or hers assigned grid square, they will use an application on their phones such as Route4Me. Route4Me is an application used by delivery drivers. It allows you to input unlimited addresses in it and it uses GPS location to optimize the routes based off of the addresses inputted in order to most efficiently deliver packages.

    When the veterans use Route4Me it is so they can find the most expedient route to systematically execute every member of Antifa. Since the veterans have no way to arrest the traitors logistically speaking because of how many of them there are, the veterans will have no choice but to go door to door killing every member of Antifa until we have achieved genocide.”

    Did Dan Crenshaw start supporting Red Flag laws before of after Shane wrote his manifesto to him?

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  • Ted Wheeler: Pedophile Mayor?

    Portland’s Liberation Calls Out Mayor Ted Wheeler for his Collaborations with Known PEDOPHILES.

    Haley Adams and Reggie Axtell both spoke against Mayor Ted Wheeler, on his own front lawn, calling him out for his associations with known pedophiles, such as Micah Rhodes and Terry Bean.

    FACT: Terry Bean has given financial contributions to 3 of the 5 Portland Commissioners, which they have not returned; #DarkMoney

    Bean is Currently being investigated for Sex Crimes against a minor. #JefferyEpstien


    “In a New Lawsuit, a Second Alleged Juvenile Victim Claims Terry Bean Had Sex With Him”


    FACT: Micah Rhodes is Currently in prison because he was Too Close to Children during 2018 Occupy ICE PDX. #Antifa

    That was a violation of his probation. Rhodes had been a registered sex offender for raping a minor.

    This was already known among the group of ICE protesters, at the time, including Luis Marquez, who was one of the organizers of Occupy ICE PDX.

    Luis Marquez is widely speculated to be running an Antifa Pedophile Ring in his Basement and has been compared to Charles Manson as the next evil cult leader of our generation.


    “Portland protest leader Micah Rhodes avoids prison for sex abuse”


    Thanks for Watching

    — Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

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  • Portland’s Liberation Occupies Mayor’s House

    Portland’s Liberation hosted an event on Saturday, July 20th, 2019, at Mayor Ted Wheeler’s lavish Mansion on the Hills.

    Patriots spoke out to condemn recent violent attacks against peaceful citizens on the streets by Masked Members of the Domestic Terrorist organization infamously known as “Antifa.”

    Journalist Andy Ngo was among their choice of Easy Victims on June 29th, 2019, during a downtown gathering that involving around a dozen Peaceful Patriot Protesters who were met with Hundreds, if not Thousands, of Rage-Induced Antifa Counter Protesters who were armed with Weapons and Cement-filled Milkshakes. They chose to attack people who they knew couldn’t or wouldn’t fight back.

    Portland Citizens have finally had enough of this terror and now decided to go directly to the source of Antifa’s unaccounted free reign of plotted destruction against anyone they deem to be a Nazi or a Fascist.

    Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler had an abundance of “No Trespassing” signs posted throughout his property. His neighbor followed suit.

    Co-Founder of new activist collective, Portland’s Liberation, and Prospective Mayoral Candidate, Haley Adams, spoke openly with local media and event gatherers about some of the issues that face the city, such as the rise in Homeless, Drug Addicted, and Mentally Ill individuals, as well as, the Mayor’s refusal to say the word “Antifa.”

    The event was met with no opposition from any of the neighbors; No counter protesters arrived to foil the message. Everyone who wanted to speak, had the ability to, whereas, all of their attempted efforts to be heard on the Mayors platform, within City Council Chambers, have fallen upon deaf ears.

    The Mayors disgraceful acts have gone unaccounted up until this day, when Concerned Citizens and Portland’s Liberation showed up to his House Vowing to make Regular Returns until he is willing to either resign his positions as Mayor and Police Commissioner or help distinguish the fire within the City by Removing the Mask, Helping the Homeless, and letting the Police do their Jobs.


    – Hosted by Haley AdamsAlyssa Bang, Reggie Axtell, Skylor Jernigan; Portland’s Liberation and members of Patriot Prayer.

    Accompanied by local News Media (Oregonian, KATU), Independent Journalists, Concerned Citizens, and Cop Watchers, such as Kif Davis (Multnomah County CopWatch) and Chris Ponte (Oregon CopWatcher)

    — Thanks for Watching

    — Video was Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley

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  • Portland Parks and Recreation Event

    PSU Park Blocks | Party in the Park | July 17th, 2019

  • Woman Arrested in Chinatown | Scooter Fail

    Old Town Chinatown [NW 1st Ave | NW Couch St]

    Seven officers assisted in the arrest of one individual. This included four bike cops, two Clean and Safe security guards, and the arresting officer who drove an SUV.

    June 5th, 2019 at 3:00pm

    While this was happening; a woman, with sagging pants, appearing to have a mental health crisis, attempted to hijack a Lime electric scooter.

    The alarm started to go off and then someone explained to her

    “You have to pay for it.”

    Guy on the Street

    She walked away, but not without leaving a pump-action butt plug on the handlebar.

    Shot and Edited by Brandon Farley